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Auto Finance Growth Outlook Sparks Confidence

The outlook for auto finance growth is encouraging, the latest TransUnion report on auto loan volume and delinquencies shows.

"We've seen credit availability play a big role with the increase in car sales, and credit availability is still good," Peter Turek, TransUnion's vice president of automotive, said Wednesday in a phone interview discussing the report. .

The combination of higher loan volumes and low delinquencies builds confidence in the auto finance market, he said.

"Dealers have confidence lenders are going to be around. Lenders have confidence dealers are not putting consumers in vehicles they can't handle when they hit a rough patch," Turek said.

Completing the picture, he said, consumers have enough confidence to take on more debt.

In both the prime and subprime categories, buyers are borrowing in greater numbers as auto sales increase, and, on average, they are borrowing bigger amounts per loan, TransUnion said.

In the second quarter this year, the average debt per loan was $13,435, up about 4 percent from $12,875 in the 2012 period.

Despite the increase, buyers with prime and subprime credit are managing to make payments on time at almost exactly the same rate as a year ago, Turek said.

Among all borrowers, only 0.80 percent of auto loans were 60 or more days delinquent in the second quarter of 2013. That was a slight increase from 0.79 percent a year earlier, TransUnion said.

Loans that are delinquent 60 or more days are the most likely to be written off as bad loans.

For buyers with subprime credit, the 60-day delinquency level was 5.02 percent, only a small increase from 4.94 percent a year earlier.

"It's encouraging to see consumers take on more auto debt while delinquencies remain low," Turek said. "Consumers clearly are more confident in managing additional debt."

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Wheel Covers - Your Options

When it comes to wheel covers (or hubcaps), there are certain things to consider before purchasing. We would like to assist you find the right covers for your car. Our products and services are of premium quality and we offer them at very affordable prices.

Here are the options available at the Click store.

  • Wheel covers that can suit caravans, 4x4's, motor homes and camper vans.
  • Available types are soft, semi-rigid and metal ring covers.

Things to Consider

Take into consideration the following:

  • The seller - Check the reputation of the car accessory supplier you are considering. If the prices of their items are too low in comparison to the average prices in the market, you may have to check for quality issues. This company has been there long enough to know who sells bogus and low-quality products.
  • The size - To save time, know in advance the size of your tires and the right size for your wheel covers. Look for the code written on your tires. The two digits at the end of that code represent the size for both your tires and their covers. If you see the number 14 there, then the size is 14 inches.
  • Ease of slip on - One thing to note when checking the quality of covers is the easiness of slipping them on and off the wheels. If they don't fit well even if the right size is indicated on the package, they may have been sourced from suppliers of fake products.
  • Ease of cleaning - Alloy covers are much harder to clean than plastic covers. Trapped debris on alloy covers can also compromise the appearance of alloy covers over time, or even corrode them.
  • Waterproof material - There are waterproof covers that are also UV resistant.
  • Non-scratch finish - A finish that's susceptible to scratching can mean additional expense in the future.


There are several options:

  • Material - Plastic covers are lighter. Because of that, many think they perform better than metal covers. Metal covers, on the other, are better in terms of improving the appearance of tires.
  • Designs - Think about personalizing the design of your covers. You may also check the 'moon' covers. There are two types the full moon and the baby moon. If you want your covers to cover only a smaller part of the surface of your tyres, pick the baby moon type. Otherwise, you can have the full moon design which covers a large part of your wheels.
  • Attachment type - You can have covers that use threads or ones that use clips for attachment to the tires.

These are your considerations and choices. If you have further needs, just give us a call and we'll walk you through our options.

We guarantee you that you will bring home the ones best suited for your tires.

Financing & Leasing A Courier Vehicle - What Are The Differences?

When starting a courier business, you will draw up a business plan and find financing sources for what you want to buy. One of those things to finance is a vehicle to help you in delivering packages for customers. Do you lease out or buy a new one? How will it affect your business when you decide to lease or buy? Do you have enough capital to buy? The differences between financing and leasing a courier vehicle can be explained as below:

Reputation Of Your Business

You may need to have a new vehicle now and then for the purpose of selling the image of your courier businesses. When a new model of a vehicle comes out, you want it to be part of your fleet. If this is the case, you cannot afford to buy a new model every time it comes out. The option is leasing which is less costly as with buying a new one. Most customers will want a company that offers different tastes according to their preferences. Couriers that use old or out-dated vehicles, to deliver packages to their customers Are less likely to attract new customers as compared to those who lease out new models.

Potential Of Your Business To Grow

Competition is high among courier businesses in the UK. With such a competitive spirit, you cannot afford to tie up your capital by buying a vehicle. Financing a courier vehicle means that you will tie up your capital and thus the potential of your business to grow will be minimal. An alternative is to lease as the cost is low when you compare to buying a new one. The idea is to give your business the needed capital to stay in the competition and thrive. However, large businesses with huge capital to spend can opt to buy new vehicles for their courier businesses.

Size Of Your Courier Business

If you have a large size courier business, then you can afford to buy a fleet of courier vehicles for your business. This is where you go for the financing option. Such couriers will have multiple vehicles and also they offer leasing services to smaller couriers who cannot afford to purchase them. Leasing is thus left for small businesses as buying will not be economical on their part. This is due to the low revenue the small business gets, which does not translate to owning a courier vehicle and thus opt to lease.

Liability Of Maintenance On The Vehicle

When you finance a vehicle, you assume ownership and this means that you have to take up the liability of the cost that comes with repairs and maintenance. Assuming that you are a small courier business, this can take out a lot of your capital and profits.

On the other hand, leasing a courier vehicle means that you do not have to deal with the costs of repairs and maintenance all you do is pay for the lease charges as the owner while you transfer the costs of maintenance and repair to the owner. This will free up your resources, that is, capital so that you can invest it in your business to increase production.

Start A Towing Business With The Purchase Of A Used Tow Truck

One of the first things that is needed to start any business is the need for decent starting capital and this is what stops a lot of great ideas. In many cases, it is possible to buy secondhand items that can help save thousands in new business costs. There are many businesses that will have a much quicker return on investment than others and one of those is the towing business. A reliable tow truck can be purchased used and save a considerable amount of your startup capital. When you purchase your tow truck used you will not have to invest as much as you thought.

The towing business is flourishing these days and for someone who is thinking about owning their own tow company, there are a few key points that should be decided upon before purchasing that new or used car carrier, self-loader, or tow truck. There are many different trucks that are available in this type of business but what you purchase will ultimately depend upon your needs. The first thing you are going to have to decide is what the specific nature and purpose of your business is.

There are three categories for tow trucks which are the wheel lift, flatbed, and hook and chain. What you are going to select depends on the type f work that you are interested in starting first. One can always launch out into other areas as time goes on. However for right now are you interested in heavy objects where you would need a heavy duty loader or more light work? There are many reliable brands like Chevy and Ford that offer strong wheels as well as inexpensive spare parts that will help to keep maintenance costs low. It is important that you look into the availability of spare parts before purchasing a tow truck as the costs and hassles of obtaining them may not be worth the time and effort.

There are also many people who have no desire to open a towing business but buy trucks to simply tow their boats and other recreational vehicles. Those who love to play in the great outdoors whether it is fishing, hunting, or camping, find that having a medium duty truck makes recreation time a lot more fun. A used car carrier can be a great bargain if you just plan to use it on occasion as it tends to be fairly cheap. In addition, you can purchase a light-duty truck for rental purposes.

The best place to look at various trucks and prices is online. There are many websites you can visit that will help you research these vehicles as well as offering many ads to find trucks, accessories, and spare parts.

The Trend Of Custom Wheel Fabrication

Custom wheels are one of the most common ways car buffs can turn their once-ordinary vehicles into something completely unique and identifiable. It can also help improve the vehicles performance by controlling the weight and friction that the tires are exposed to.

Switching from manufacturer-grade wheels to custom ones from is especially common amongst racers for the sole purpose of weight control. In rally car driving, custom wheels are donned for improved strength. In drag racing, it is important for the wheels to have a greater amount of width as this ensures that the tires provide the driver with more traction for stopping an excessively speeding car.

Autocross calls for a combination of width and weight customizations ensuring less tire flex enabling drivers to maneuver sharp corners with ease. When it comes to street driving, custom wheel fabrication serves more of a visual purpose. Especially when these cars are used in auto shows, drivers really want to stand out from the crowd. This may mean bicycle-like spokes on car tires or the use of aeronautics-grade carbon fiber for the wheels.

The trend of custom wheel fabrication continues to increase in popularity year after year with nearly 30 percent of new car buyers customizing their purchases with a distinct set, or sets, of wheels. One of the most popular types of wheels are the spinners which continue to spin even after the vehicle reaches a full stop. These were first used with lowriders that are known for their show-offish looks and performance.

Aside from differing wheel styles and base materials, custom wheel fabrication also involves the creation of specialized wheels that carry an assortment of diameters from 18 inches to an impressive 30-inch variety. When it comes to the latter, it gives the illusion of an almost paper-thin rubber tire.

When wheels are customized, it can also involve applying different finishes per set. These days, chromed wheels are extremely popular and commonly used for larger vehicles like SUVs. Aside from chrome-plating, there is a new process being used called PVD or physical vapor deposition where the wheels get sealed with a clear coat offering better protection against wear and tear.

Polished and painted wheels are normally used for sedans and low-height vehicles for an improved aesthetic quality with polished wheels being made from aluminum which is quite easy to get an attractive shine on but require regular maintenance to keep its sheen.

Luxury Vehicle Rental Prices: Things You Should Know

Luxury Road Events offers its customers the kind of top-class party bus rides that no others can. They stand out among the rest in the sense that their prices are affordable and yet, they provide services that treat you like real VIPs. If youd like to make your next event or celebration extra special and classy, give the party bus a shot and make a booking! Check out for all the details and inquiries.

Luxury Road Events is one of many limo or party bus rental services. The prices of hiring those vehicles vary, depending on which company as well as the town or city. Different prices go hand in hand with different qualities of service in the market. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right company, its important to understand the factors behind the price.

Size of the Vehicle

The price directly reflects the space you can expect to have inside. Party buses and limos are available in different sizes. There are limousines that can fit six individuals, while slightly bigger ones are good for eight. Of course, you can bet the seating capacity of party buses to be double digits. Comfort should be prioritized when considering a luxury vehicle, as having to end up sitting with thighs stuck together wouldnt make it worth the money spent. Thats why its always better to choose a ride that fits more people than there will actually be. More space means a more pleasant ride.

Distance to the Airport

As upscale as they are, party buses and limos still rely on gasoline and a good set of tires. If you happen to need one for a trip to or from the airport, youll have to realize how distance comes into play. Especially in the bigger cities, those journeys take considerable amounts of time due to traffic or the location being out of the way.

Rate per Hour

You can expect the minimum time to use a luxury vehicle to be two or three hours for most companies. The price should then increase in relation to the additional hours you need. Therefore, its good to get a calculation of the amount youd be spending for every hour in the ride. Its indicative of the basic costs that the company must cover or partly cover. These can be fuel, maintenance, employees salaries or even the vehicle purchase itself.

Drivers Tip

Luxury vehicle chauffeurs are true professionals. They tend to exceed their passengers expectations and provide nothing short of excellent service. They enjoy what they do and naturally, they should be tipped with an amount that shows them your appreciation. On average, clients give about 20 percent of the total amount as tip. A number of companies in fact have a drivers tip added to the bill. Still, theres certainly nothing against a more sizeable gratuity if he proves worthy of it.

Inclusions in Service

Its important to check with any company and ensure theyre transparent about all the things included in their rentals. Most of them supposedly have their prices inclusive of refreshments, on-board entertainment, tolls and motorway fees, cleaning, travel and waiting times. Its only right that theyre mentioned upfront and not presented in the end as additional charges.

Hovercraft Skirt Fabrication And New Materials

One of the big problems experience by hovercraft manufacturers, and a huge factor in determining hovercraft prices is skirt construction. Even though ACVs don't actually touch the ground, they don't really hover over the surface in a consistent fashion either. Inevitably they rock around a little, or a lot, depending upon their size. Really big craft hardly rock at all, but do encounter quite big obstructions as they meander across mixed terrain. For huge craft like the Russian Zubr class troop carrier, it's not too much of an issue, as this monster vehicle floats 7 feet off the ground. Imagine being underneath that thing as it passes over - the noise alone would kill you.

The skirt issue becomes more acute with small hovercraft purchased for personal use - see this report click here . The overall area of the hull is small compared to the height of the craft and is inherently less stable. Add to this the fact that little air cushioned craft are steered and controlled in a very different way than the big boys. Handlebars are normally employed, just like a motorbike, and are turned in the direction of travel and while this does in fact turn the craft, it's quite a slow affair. If used for racing, for example, it just isn't quick enough. Faster turns are negotiated by the operator throwing his body weight in the same direction to maximize the impact of the manoeuvre.

The combination of the handlebar action and the new weight distribution characteristics causes the ACV to tilt and the skirt touches the ground, which can in itself cause friction wear over a period of time. If there happened to be a rock or other immovable object in the path, then extensive damage might occur, ripping the skirt and drastically reducing the lift available to keep the hovercraft off the ground and moving forwards.

Some hovercraft manufacturers have move away from the traditional skirt materials such rip-stop sail cloth, extensively used for large and small ocean going sailing boats, and at the same time re-designed the actual skirt method of fabrication to reduce the costs of such damage. Modern methods include the use of tougher materials like Kevlar, which is bullet proof and extensively by the military and police forces, ad other similar fabrics covered in a durable layer of Neoprene. In addition, skirts can be fabricated in relatively small sections and loosely clipped together during construction. This means that if one section is damaged, then it's possible to change a small part 'on the fly', which drastically reduces the cost of the hovercraft.

Why Off-road Enthusiasts Love Their Agm Batteries

Lead acid batteries, like the kind commonly found in cars, really hadn't changed much in quite a few years. Lately though, due to more types of uses outside of the automobile realm, there have been some great developments that have made them stronger, more powerful and longer lasting. One of those improvements that is proving to be useful in many different applications are the AGM batteries. Let's take a look at some of the great advantages of these types of batteries.

The AGM Battery Uses Glass Mats

This is the major difference between them and regular lead acid batteries as far as construction goes. The glass mats hold onto the electrolytes in the battery and keep them from sloshing around. That make this type of battery better for use in applications where there is going to be lots of physical abuse involved.

By physical abuse, of course, we're talking about the way the vehicle is used. A good example would be an airplane which can turn nearly upside down, straight up or straight down in normal usage. Since the AGM battery has the glass mats holding the electrolytes, plus the sealed caps, there is no chance of the acid leaking out during flight.

Battery acid, while not strong enough to burn skin most of the time, makes a great conductor of electricity and also causes fast corrosion on any metals that it comes into contact with. If a battery was to leak into the wrong circuit board during a flight, the results could be catastrophic. Corrosion, on the other hand, would take longer, but could also cause deadly problems later on.

These Types Of Batteries Are Popular With Off-Road Enthusiasts

One of the reasons the off-road enthusiasts that ride motorcycles, ATV's, and four wheel drives frequently under perilous circumstances really like their AGM batteries is the exact same reason that airplanes do. They can be turned in nearly any position, including upside down, and not leak acid all over your valuable electronic components.

They are also very well known for having higher than normal starting capacity and lasting longer than a regular lead acid battery. Since the whole idea of some off-roaders is being self-reliant and getting out of jams, these types of batteries are a big hit with them.

If you're thinking about getting a new battery for your extreme use vehicle, you can't go wrong by choosing the AGM type of battery. They're strong, reliable and durable, just check some of their reviews online where people speak freely and you'll see.