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Wheel Covers - Your Options

When it comes to wheel covers (or hubcaps), there are certain things to consider before purchasing. We would like to assist you find the right covers for your car. Our products and services are of premium quality and we offer them at very affordable prices.

Here are the options available at the Click store.

  • Wheel covers that can suit caravans, 4x4's, motor homes and camper vans.
  • Available types are soft, semi-rigid and metal ring covers.

Things to Consider

Take into consideration the following:

  • The seller - Check the reputation of the car accessory supplier you are considering. If the prices of their items are too low in comparison to the average prices in the market, you may have to check for quality issues. This company has been there long enough to know who sells bogus and low-quality products.
  • The size - To save time, know in advance the size of your tires and the right size for your wheel covers. Look for the code written on your tires. The two digits at the end of that code represent the size for both your tires and their covers. If you see the number 14 there, then the size is 14 inches.
  • Ease of slip on - One thing to note when checking the quality of covers is the easiness of slipping them on and off the wheels. If they don't fit well even if the right size is indicated on the package, they may have been sourced from suppliers of fake products.
  • Ease of cleaning - Alloy covers are much harder to clean than plastic covers. Trapped debris on alloy covers can also compromise the appearance of alloy covers over time, or even corrode them.
  • Waterproof material - There are waterproof covers that are also UV resistant.
  • Non-scratch finish - A finish that's susceptible to scratching can mean additional expense in the future.


There are several options:

  • Material - Plastic covers are lighter. Because of that, many think they perform better than metal covers. Metal covers, on the other, are better in terms of improving the appearance of tires.
  • Designs - Think about personalizing the design of your covers. You may also check the 'moon' covers. There are two types the full moon and the baby moon. If you want your covers to cover only a smaller part of the surface of your tyres, pick the baby moon type. Otherwise, you can have the full moon design which covers a large part of your wheels.
  • Attachment type - You can have covers that use threads or ones that use clips for attachment to the tires.

These are your considerations and choices. If you have further needs, just give us a call and we'll walk you through our options.

We guarantee you that you will bring home the ones best suited for your tires.


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